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Obesity is the biggest curse of the modern generation. Obesity is measured through Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is calculated by dividing your body weight in kilogram by your height in metre square. So if your height is 5 feet 4 inches then it works out to be 163 cm or 1.63 metre. If your body weight is 85 kg then the formula for BMI would be :

BMI = 85 / (1.63 x 1.63) = 31.99

The classification for BMI is as follows :

  • BMI < 18.5                   :     Underweight
  • BMI > 18.5 but < 24.9  :     Fit
  • BMI > 25 but < 30        :     Overweight
  • BMI > 30 but < 40        :     Obese
  • BMI > 40                     :     Morbidly obese

As your body weight starts increasing, it reduces your energy levels and your exercise become less. This reduces your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) which further increases your weight. Most of the weight in the body is stored in the form of fats. These fats start getting deposited in the blood vessels and give rise to diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, stroke etc.

The main cause of increase in body weight is choice of wrong diet. Our digestive system and all the other organs have evolved over 400 billion years through eating natural plant based raw food. Only in the last few centuries we have started eating processed and cooked food. The cooked food gets digested within 2 hours and all the calories in the food reach your blood.

What is MFit

MFit stands for – `I am Fit’. This is a countrywide programme aimed at fighting the lifestyle diseases. Most of the non-communicable diseases are caused by wrong choices of diet and sedentary lifestyle. Under this programme our teams go into the parks, offices, colonies, markets and other places to do a free screening of your health. In this screening we measure blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI, Body shape and lung capacity. On the basis of these measurements your MFI score is calculated. If your MFI score is more than 80% then you are fit. However if your MFI score is less than 80% then you need to work on your health. You are given the membership of our programme – Journey to Health and our trainers start working with you for achieving your health goals like BMI below 25, LDL below 100, HbA1C below 5.7 etc. Continuous monitoring and assessment is done weekly to monitor the progress.

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MFit Desire Health Checkup

If your MFI Score is less than 80% then you should get a complete body checkup to find out the values for your good and bad cholesterol. The value of HbA1C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Liver function, thyroid function and kidney function. Before embarking on a programme to improve your health our experts would need to know the values of these critical body functions so that a personalized diet and exercise regimen can be created for you. The values of these functions are also important to monitor the progress made over a period of time.

MFit Desire is a special whole body health checkup in which all these tests are done. The normal pricing for these tests is Rs. 8200 but under this programme these tests would be done for Rs. 3500. The best part of the entire MFit programme is that this is the only cost you pay for regaining your health.

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Journey to Health

Journey to Health is the programme meant for those whose MFI score is less than 80% to achieve their health goals in terms of body weight, BMI, Blood Sugar levels, HbA1C Level, HDL, LDL levels, Thyroid, SGOT, SGPT and Creatinine levels. Our experts will first of all educate you about all these levels and explain to you how these levels can be changed. They will then design a personalized diet plan for you to follow to achieve these goals. Exercise routine will be made for you and constant motivation will be provided to move towards your goals. Periodic assessment would be done and any modifications if required will be done in your diet and exercise plan. As your fitness levels improve, the plans will be upgraded to higher levels. If any of your condition requires doctor consultation and medicine support then our team will guide you to the right doctors. Within 6 months period, you would be able to scale to the higher level of MFI if you follow the programme diligently.

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