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MFit is the initiative of Maurya Labs to fight against obesity, diabetes, hypertension and all the other non-communicable diseases


Key to Healthy Life
is to stay with Nature

Obesity and Diabetes is on the rise in India. The main culprit for this situation is the cooked food that we eat. Stay close to nature and eat what the nature offers us to stay healthy.


Doctors behind this Initiative

Dr AK Sinha & Dr Anurag Mohan

Dr AK Sinha is one of the most respected name in the field of Medicine in Bihar. He setup Maurya Labs in the year 1998 and has been serving the people for the last 25 years with accurate lab results. Dr Anurag Mohan is one of the most renowned pathologist in the country and together they have launched this wonderful initiative to bring good health to the fellow citizens of this beautiful country.

Taking Care of Your Health – Examining & Correcting

What Will MFit Do for Me ?

MFit is a community health programme in which the health of the people would be examined. On the basis of several health parameters like height, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, chest to abdomen ratio, chest inspiration etc we would calculate your MFI Score. If your score is less than 80% then our trainers, dieticians and health experts will work with you for improving your health.


OBESITY is the mother of all Diseases like Diabetes

In the last 2 decades, Indian population is becoming obese. Obesity in women is more than in men. Even children are getting obese mainly due to junk food and sedantary life style. Obesity leads to several diseases including diabetes and hypertension.

DIABETES does not Kill But Does not Let You Live also

The number of diabetic people rose from 7 crores in the year 2019 to 10 crores in the year 2021. A whopping 40% jump in the number of diabetics in just 2 years. Diabetes is a disease which can make your life hell and bring a painful end.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE has engulfed One Third of India

Obesity leads to High Blood Pressure. One third of Indians are suffering from High Blood Pressure whether they know or not. Lifelong medicines will not help much. Losing Body weight, eating right and destressing are the only lasting solutions.

HEALTH CHECKUP is more important than Car or Bike Service

We get regular service for our automobile – bike or car whose value is not even 25 Lacs and whose life is not more than 15 years. Our body’s worth is more than 5 Crores and life is 80 years. How often do we get our body checked up through Health Check ?

Tremendous Encouragement from Morning Walkers

Delighted, not just “happy”

Morning walkers in Dhruv Udhyan, Zila School Ground, Rajendra Park and many other places in Purnea are supporting the MFit movement which aims at reducing obesity levels, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure and educating the people about the importance of remaining disease free.


We are organizing basic health screening camps at various places to check the health status of the people and calculate MFI Score. If your score is more than 80% then you are fit and wouldl be designated as MFit Coach.


Once the results of your MFit screening are available our health experts will call you on your mobile phone to inform about the health status. You are told about the present and future health risks and made well informed.


If your MFI score is less than 80% then you should embark on the road to good health with MFit. First you should get a detailed health checkup – MFit Aspire or MFit Desire to know where you actually stand as of today.


Once the results of KFT, LFT, Vitamins, HbA1C, CBC and other tests are available our health experts, trainers and dieticians will enrol you in MFit programme called `Fitness through Wisdom’ and launch your personalized fitness journey.

Health Line

Read the latest from our newsletter Health Line where informative articles about good health are published. These articles are written by renowned doctors from different parts of the country.

We have launched the MFit programme from 2nd July and the response that we are getting from the people is overwhelming says Dr Anurag Sinha, the driving force behind this initiative of checking the progress of non-communicable diseases in the country.

Many Indians complain about the cost of healthcare in India. Don’t worry about such cry babies as patients from several countries come to India in search for quality treatment at prices which are lowest in the world. Quality is achieved through investment in costly equipments.

July 25, 2023by Dr A.K. Sinha

Many online platforms have sprung up since the covid pandemic offering heavy discounts on diagnostic tests. They would simply collect your blood and give you a report without doing any kind of test. Beware of such scamsters….

July 25, 2023by Dr Anurag Mohan

India admitted more than 3 Crore people to the Diabetic Club between 2019 – 2021, a whopping increase of more than 40% in just 2 years. There are 13 crore people whose application for admission is this club is pending as of now.


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