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July 25, 2023 by Anurag Srivastava0

Very few people would know that Pakistan is number one in the world in terms of diabetics as a percentage of the population. Pakistan occupies the top position with 30% of its citizens being diabetic. India on the other hand was ranked 64 in the world with almost 10% its people suffering from diabetes. However the number of diabetics have jumped from 7 crores in the year 2019 to 10 crores in 2021. This is a whopping increase of 40% in just 2 years time. If the rate of increase in the number of diabetics remains same then India would be having close to 14 crore diabetic people in the current year. This is an alarming situation as diabetes is one of the most debilitating disease not only for the individual but for the family and the country.

Diabetes causes severe strain on the resources of the family and the country. A diabetic person is more likely to have kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction and other vascular diseases.

In diabetes the capacity of the body to burn sugar and produce energy is compromised. A body which cannot produce energy from food is like a costly car filled with fuel and a discharged battery. The car would not start and is of no use to anybody except as a showpiece. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and the solution lies in lifestyle modification and not in medication.

Maurya Labs has started a community health programme called `MFit’ which aims to tackle the menace of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and all the other non-communicable diseases. The programme is about educating, screening, testing, motivating and reforming the people so that they start valuing their health more than their bank balance.

MFit camps are being organized in parks, residential colonies, colleges, offices and community gatherings where people are screening on several health parameters like BMI, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Abdominal Girth, Chest Inspiration etc to calculate their MFI score. If the MFI score is more than 80% then the person is deemed fit and is appointed as MFit coach to guide others. Those whose MFit score is less than 80% are counselled about  the imminent dangers and are put on the path of lifestyle modification. Health experts, physical trainers and dieticians from MFit team will set individual goals for each person and will prepare an individualized programme to achieve these goals over 6-12 months period. Testing of vital parameters of the body would be done under this programme. Tests like HbA1C, Lipid Profile, Kidney Function Test, Liver Function Test, Thyroid Function Test, Complete Blood Count and Vitamin levels would be done before the commencement of the programme. These tests would be repeated after 6 months to monitor the progress made on each front. The key goals would be to bring BMI below 25, LDL below 100, HbA1C below 6.5 and other values in the normal range. Yoga and meditation would also be used to destress the people. Seminars would be organized to make the people more informed about their health and the value of a healthy body. MFit is a free programme and anybody can become a part of it by getting screened in one of the camps which are organized between 6 am – 8 am everyday. People can request for a camp in the vicinity of their house by calling on the number 9234344301. This programme is the brain child of Dr AK Sinha and Dr Anurag Mohan of Maurya Labs both of whom are renowned pathologists in the country. Dr AK Sinha who is also the president of IMA at Purnea urged the medical fraternity specially those who are members of IMA to become a part of this effort.

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